University Sports Advisors

University Sports Advisors  are supporting us in distribution of genuine information about possibilities and opportunities university, college and high school sports in the United States can provide. All of the Sports Advisors have either studied there themselves, or are otherwise familiar with the exceptional opportunities there are for young athletes!

Our University Sports Advisors are advocates for combining sports and studying, through their own experience. They each have their story to tell and are willing to help out young athletes to learn new ways of building your own athlete path – other than the most traditional way in your home country.

We are in a constant search for new active Advisors and welcome everyone who is truly interested in being part of our network, or with personal experience and knowledge about being a student athlete abroad. Our ideology is to introduce young athletes all their options, and to help them in learning about their own personal potential to get a scholarship to study and do sports in the universities in the USA – or in the high schools, depending on ones age, of course. We always encourage young athletes to face up their opportunities, and if interesting options arise, go explore them, even if for a year.

Should you have similar experience from abroad, and you want to take part in spreading the word about combining studies and doing sports in the States by helping young athletes to learn about their possibilities, please contact us at UP Global and let’s discuss further!

Hanne Sikiö

ice hockey

Olli Vakkala


Anja Suomalainen


Jasmi Joensuu

cross-country skiing

Ville Heino


Katja Pasanen

ice hockey

Marita Engzelius Leandersson


Stig Bäckström

ice hockey

Peik Koskinen


Daniel Bäckström

ice hockey

Kalle Sotka


Julian Keso


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