Meet the schools in Helsinki, before making the decisions!

Choosing the right school is an important part of a great year abroad. As a part of the selection process, UP Global offers its students an opportunity to get to know the schools and get information of the schools directly from the schools’ representatives in Helsinki in December 2022. You will have an opportunity to meet the representatives of the schools of your Game Plan and ask them questions. In addition, you can talk to other schools that you might be interested. Our former students are also represented in Helsinki who have studied at boarding school before. After that, you can make the decision, which one of the schools is just right for you. UP Global will also organize opportunities for the students to connect and meet with the schools after the December meetings by using a virtual platform. The UP Global virtual platform is carefully designed for this purpose only, and it will be a very convenient and easy way for the students to learn more about the different schools.

If you are planning an exchange year with UP Global

If you have just started to plan a year abroad, you have a good opportunity to meet the schools and their representatives in December 2022 in Helsinki, or via our virtual platform. The opportunity is targeted for 14-18-year-old students. If you are interested in taking a step towards an unforgettable exchange year, we welcome you and your family to come and hear more. Contact us, and we tell you more about the opportunity.

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