North American boarding schools are high quality and diverse options for international students. Boarding schools are excellent option especially for a student who wants to live on campus, and combine sports and other activities with education. It’s not a coincide that for example President John F. Kennedy, hockey player Sidney Crosby, actress Emma Watson, author Dan Brown, and founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg all studied at a boarding school.


Combine studies, sports and other activities on campus

At boarding schools, sports and other active hobbies go side by side with studying. The schedules for studies and sports are built carefully, so there is always enough time for both. Usually the practices and other activities start right after classes in the afternoon. It will be easy for you to continue your sport or hobby and keep developing during the year!

World Class Facilities

The facilities of the boarding schools are excellent, and they are all located nearby. The classrooms, dining halls, dorms, health care centers, and sport facilities are all within a walking distance, so it does not take time to travel from one place to another. How would it sound to have your school’s own golf club, ice hockey rink, swimming pools, gym, ski slope, soccer field, recording studio, theater, or horse stable right next to your school?

Living on campus with your friends

At boarding schools, you will live at the dormitories (dorms) on campus. In one dorm, there are several rooms, and usually one room is divided by two same sex students. In every dorm, there also lives at least one adult faculty member with his/her own family at their own apartment, so there will always be an adult nearby. In addition, you will live in an environment where your language skills develop quickly, and your friends are always near you!

Small classes and personal teaching

Classes are small, and usually there are around ten students for one teacher. In many classrooms, the students do not sit at regular rows of desks, but around a round table instead, to encourage conversational learning and participation. Within small groups, it is possible for teachers to give personal support to their students and really get to know them. The teachers want their students to succeed, they are committed to their jobs, and they are well-respected among the students.

Turvallinen ja kansainvälinen ympäristö

Safe and International Environment

At boarding schools, there are usually students from many different countries, so boarding schools offer a very international environment. About 20 % of the students come from abroad, which also means that the teachers are very used to teaching international students from outside North America. Many boarding schools also offer the English as a Second Language -program, that provides support for international students whose English skills are not very strong to start with. The campuses are safe, drug-free, and guarded areas, where every student can feel safe.

Weekend activities balancing the study life

Weekday evenings are usually spent within the campus area, which is nice because all the activities and fellow students are always close! There are many ways to spend time, whether you want to watch TV, play different games or do something else. Anyway, there are lots of options and activities, so you will not get bored!

Because sports play a very big role in the American high school culture, the free time is usually spent among different sport happenings. Game Day is a big day for schools, and often the whole school participates on cheering their team. Whether it is ice hockey, soccer, football, basketball or even lacrosse, one thing is for sure: The Game Day is always special, and the feeling and the atmosphere in the stands are great!

Most of the boarding schools are located within a one-or-two-hour-drive from a bigger city, and schools regularly organize weekend trips for example to shopping malls, movies, concerts, NHL games, beaches, camping trips, or ski resorts. The weekend activities are an important reason why students have such a great time at boarding schools! Of course, you will have few longer vacations during the academic year, when you are able to travel more widely across the continent, visit your friends elsewhere, or come home to see your own family.

Quality meals and health care on campus

Boarding schools and their cafeterias pay great attention to healthy food, different types of diets, and different eating habits. On campus, schools provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffets. The food is good and healthy, and it is easy for you to find the right food for yourself, whether you are a ballet dancer or a football player. Every school has its own Health Center, where students can go anytime they need treatment or care. These are reasons why boarding schools are a great option for students with allergies or some other special needs considering health issues, learning issues or different diets.

A unique exchange student experience abroad

Combine your sport and active hobbies with studying at a boarding school!

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