Homestay living with a local host family, is a way to real cultural experiment. When living with a host family, you have opportunity to learn the local life style and get perspective of weekdays and holidays of a local family. All families are different, – which makes it a great opportunity for an exchange student-to experience what it is like “at home” abroad.. On the other hand, the host families are eager to learn from your culture and home land.



As a destination for a student, Canada, the Northern part on North America, is an interesting mix of American dream and the European spirit. This country is known for its beautiful nature, great mountains, and forests. A student who goes to Canada, is able to get into a quality exchange program that is carefully designed and planned considering the student’s expectations. You can choose your own location, or even your own school. You can make your decision by the climate, the interesting classes, your other interests and hobbies, or just by the feeling inside you. To make sure you get into school you want, be sure to contact us early enough!

Experience the real local culture and lifestyle with a host family

Canadians are known to welcome European exchange students very warmly to their homes. It is easy to find common interests and topics, and the student is taken as a part of the family very quickly. Most of the host families live in a house, so the students usually get their own bedrooms. Possible allergies are not going to be a problem. Active lifestyle, interests in sports, social lifestyle, and humor are all parts of Canadian culture! In general, the Canadians are very much like the Europeans, and especially Scandinavians. Healthy lifestyle and food, tolerance for different people, and interest in the world outside Canada are all important values for Canadians.

Easygoing Lifestyle

Easy lifestyle and relaxed attitude towards life in general, encourage into an exotic experience. For an example in Vancouver Island, British Columbia, the weather is almost tropical, so it is possible to enjoy different water sports in the ocean almost around the year. On the other hand, in Whistler in the area of the 2010 Winter Olympics, you can live close to amazing mountains and ski and snowboard whenever you like.

The Cities

In this program, it is possible to fulfill your dreams and experience the feeling and lifestyle of a big international city. Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Winnipeg and Vancouver can offer you great experiences. If you want, you can go see NHL games and concerts, you can go shopping or explore other possibilities, whatever you like. The public transportation in Canadian cities are easy and well organized, just like in Europe, which makes it easy to get around.

English and French Options

Canadian provinces offer education in their own official languages. This opens up opportunities to study either in English or French. You can also take some classes in English and some in French. In French program, if you want, your host family is also French-speaking. Merveilleux!

Activities and Nature

There are many opportunities for different activities and hobbies in Canada. If you are interested in media, you can find academies for digital arts. For an alpine skier, it is possible to ski just for fun, or to ski competitively in a high-level ski team. If you look for more exotic experience, you could try an avalanche skills course, mountain climbing, or hiking. Of course, there are great opportunities for different ice sports like hockey, ringette, figure skating, ice dancing, and synchronized skating in Canada. Find out what your experiences in Canada could be like!

Same Destination with your Friend!

The Canadian schools are big enough, so the selection for different courses and different activities is very broad. You get to choose your school and location yourself, which makes sure you get to experience what you wish for. There are many international students in Canada, so it will be easy for you to get familiar with different people from different cultures and backgrounds. But you can also take your friend with you to a same destination!

The Level of your English does not matter

A big part of Canadian schools offer courser for many levels, from adjustable level to more advanced. It is also possible to start in ESL-program, when you start learning the language from the scratch. If you are more advanced linguistically and seek more challenge, you will be placed to a group which level fits for your language skills.



If you want to experience the real high school spirit, live close to a big city, get familiar with American family life, and take part of traditional holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving,  Homestay USA could be the right option for you!

The schools of the UP Global Homestay Program are all carefully selected private schools in well-known states such as California, Florida, Massachusetts etc. Like in other UP Global Homestay and Boarding School programs, also in Homestay USA program you can get familiar with different schools in advance, and you can choose your schools of interest yourself. What would it sound like to spend a year by surfing in Laguna Beach in California, or bath in the sun in Florida?

In the UP Global Homestay USA program, we find the right school for a student first, and after that we look for a right host family. Most of the schools coordinate the host family process themselves, and in most cases, the right family is found easily by school’s connections. This means the host family is usually a local family whose children study at the same school, but it is also possible that the host family has no connections to the school before.

An unforgettable exchange year abroad!



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