UP Global is specialized in fulfilling unique experiences in the USA and Canada. At schools in the USA and Canada you can combine your studies and active sport hobbies better than anywhere else in the world. The system is built in a way that both academics and sports fit well together: every class and every practice has its own time and place. In North America it is possible to succeed in both, which is why we want to send our students there.

North America – a continent full of possibilities

As a continent, North America offers an endless number of different opportunities. Of course, there are many great places for hockey players and people who love outdoor activities in Canada. Quebec offers a unique possibility for linguistic development for students who are interested in French, and for example Vancouver and Toronto are very European-like cities with all the metropolitan possibilities. In the US, Florida is a paradise for a golfer, The Rocky Mountains in Colorado offer great opportunities for an alpine skier. In New England in the East, are located the some of the best boarding schools in the world, where it is possible to play sports and study at a very high level at the same time.

Options for housing in North America are Boarding School and Homestay. You can choose whether you want to live on campus at a boarding school, or live in a house with your host family.


Other Countries

Combining studies and active hobbies is of course possible also in Europe. For example, if you are interested in a soccer academy at a private school in England, or different opportunities at a boarding school in Switzerland, contact our office and we will tell you more!


Tell us what your interests are, and what kind of unique experience you would like to have. We make sure that you will have a great year abroad!


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