OUR STORY              

Our story began from our own experiences in the mid 1990’s. We were young top-athletes and we wanted to go out in the big world and try our wings. We wanted to find out how to smoothly combine studying and top-level athletics. We found a lot of good things, but also a lot of things that could be better. That is how our idea was born over 20 years ago.

Now two decades later, we have helped hundreds of young people who were in the same situation as we were in the 1990’s. During these 20 years, we have developed our organization and expanded our partner network significantly, so we are able to offer opportunities not only for student-athletes, but also for a lot of other students. And we have made this financially possible for everyone. If a student who enjoys music, dance, other arts, or just adventures and international experiences in general, wants to go abroad and wants to decide his/her location, it is possible with our help!

We are proud of what we can do. Our expertise is based on our own experiences and our long-term cooperation with our customers and partner schools. For a student, we customize an exchange experience that is just right for him/her. The student gets to choose academics, top-level sports, or other activities or interests, and combine it with the student life abroad in a safe environment.

We enroll our students into carefully chosen private schools, with which we deal directly with no third parties involved. The private boarding schools are safe and dense communities, where everything needed for studies, sports, and activities are nearby. Our concept is unique in the whole world, and the commitment and the professionalism towards our work are the promises to our every customer.

Because Universal Players Global has the experience in placing hundreds of student-athletes in North American high schools, the natural step for us was to start helping high school graduates to find opportunities at universities and colleges. This is why, in 2019 EuroAthlete merged with UP Global and now two of the best and most experienced professionals in Finland will continue under the same flag. Almost 30-years of experience and over 1000 satisfied university students!

EuroAthlete has offered a unique opportunity to all upper secondary school graduates to achieve a four-year scholarship at an American university. EuroAthlete was one of the first organizations in Europe that started to help young athletes with their aspirations to attend to a university in the United States, and since 1990, EuroAthlete had been building its network. Over the years, EuroAthlete has successfully helped over thousand athletes to secure a spot at a university. EuroAthlete has decades of experience and knowledge of college sports in the U.S.; we know exactly what the universities are looking for and how the information should be presented to the coaches. We have created an operating model that offers the best possible channel to the coaches to receive our athletes’ information to their desks. Since July 2019, EuroAthlete will continue its successful story wearing UP Global’s jersey, and with this we can help more students with their dreams and aspirations to come true.

Welcome to journey of international experiences with UP Global!

Mikko Saarni



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