To whom would you recommend an exchange year abroad?

To everyone, a girl or a boy, who is interested in combining academics and sports – go for it! Even a year abroad gives so much. It broadens your view of world, gives new friends, makes you more independent and above all, it improves your foreign language as you use it daily.

Private schools can be more expensive, but I personally believe that studying in a private school offers a high-quality education in a safe environment. Private schools’ wonderful community really makes it possible to combine education and sports smoothly. Teachers and coachers are doing everything, and beyond, to make each student successful. There is always support offered if one needs it and everything needed is right there available on campus. What could be better than living in a school dorm with all your friends! Everything is done so that the students could feel themselves comfortable and safe.

-Marika Latikka, exchange student’s mother

For the boys, the experience has been great, and we are very satisfied with the decision

The UP Global’s team has been professional and reliable. My sons Aleksi and Jesper studied three years at a boarding school in New York. They played ice hockey on the varsity team of their school, and they graduated and received their high-school diplomas in the spring. Everything went great, and both boys plan to continue playing hockey in North America. For the boys, the experience has been great, and we are very satisfied with the decision.

-Ville Peltonen, exchange students’ father

We are happy to recommend UP Global for all students who are going to study abroad

We are happy when we know Sara is doing great in school, her passion to develop her instrumental skills continues to grow, and her life with all new friends in a new place is well-settled. We are happy to recommend UP Global as an organization for everyone who is thinking about an exchange year or studying abroad. You will not get this kind of opportunity from anywhere else. We are glad that Sara found out about UP, and here we are! For us it is important, that we have received personal service, and UP is really in this together with us.

-Annika Lahtinen, exchange student’s mother


An exchange year fits very well for curious and open-minded students

A young student has to be interested in the exchange year, and I encourage families to offer their youngsters a change to go abroad. An exchange year fits well for curious and open-minded students. It is unique life experience that one can’t get anywhere else. A big benefit of a boarding school option is that the overall success of the exchange year doesn’t depend on a host family. At a boarding school, there is a big community of students and schools’ adults to help and support the exchange student. Also student’s language skills improve very quickly!

-Sinikka Alanne, exchange student’s mother

An active international experience recommended by Elixir!

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