If you goal is to get into a great adventure that would be impossible in the nature of your home country, North America is a place to go to! Think about what your adventure might be like!

Adventures in Canada

British Columbia in western Canada in a great destination for students who are interested in for example alpine skiing, hiking, camping, or mountain biking. For example in Whistler, a host town for 2010 Winter Olympics, it is possible to take classes for ski skill courses and avalanche skills courses. On Vancouver Island, you can enjoy great views of the Pacific Ocean, and maybe try canoeing. Living close to Vancouver makes it easy to enjoy the great opportunities of a big city as well. Vancouver is nowadays a famous city in a movie making business, and there are many different acting classes, that also you could participate in. Winnipeg is a safe choice, if you wonder what is it like to live in the middle of people that are crazy about sports. Maybe you want to play hockey yourself, or maybe you just want to experience the atmosphere.

Adventures in the USA

If sunshine and the city life are very important for you, the city of Los Angeles invites you to walk on the Hollywood stars, and South Beach in Miami to adore the Art Deco buildings. In Hawaii and Southern California, you can surf and try other water sports around the year. From the schools on the East coast, it is east to make trips to big cities like New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Washington D.C. In Florida, there are theme parks, alligator safaris, and many shopping opportunities that will keep you busy. There are only few spots for some of the most special destinations, so be sure to apply early enough!

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