Johanna Järvi, Colorado

I spent a year in Fountain Valley School, in Colorado. I chose this school because the school had its own horses, stables, and all the other needed facilities, so I could continue my sport in great circumstances. All riders became very close during the year, and it was great to experience that team spirit in a sport that you usually practice alone by yourself. Competition trips for example to Arizona and Florida were very fun!

Living at a boarding school on campus was not a problem; on the contrary, it was great to have friends near me all the time. I made life-time friends with people from all around the world, from Europe to Asia. On our spring break, I went to visit my friend in Japan! In school, the studying is much more intense than I was used to, the teachers really cared about the students, and it was easy to get help when needed. I recommend to take advantage of this opportunity. The campus on The Rocky Mountains was really beautiful. Everything worked well on campus, from eating and dining to doctor appointments and health care. After all, the experience was awesome, and I am happy to recommend studying abroad! Although, I was little late to make my final decision to make the trip, the process was clear and easy, and when I needed help, the UP staff always helped me quickly.

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