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Universal Players Global was created to provide the opportunity to combine education, athletics, and hobbies with international experience for students from Finland and other European countries. With almost 25 years of experience, our organization has provided life-changing opportunities for hundreds of students who wish to study in North American high-quality independent boarding and day schools or in other programs that we have carefully selected. Most of our students have a special interest that is typically related to a certain sport, music, or another field of art but some students are just driven by academic success or looking for a great opportunity to study abroad at a quality school. For the recent schoolyears, we have had students in our program from Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Norway, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, and Belarus.

Over the years, we have built wonderful long-term relationships with many private high schools, and we want to continue doing that. Since 2018, Universal Players Global has offered its Member Schools opportunities to personally meet with our students and families prior to them making decisions on which schools to apply to. The meetings in Helsinki, Finland, have been successful, and the feedback from all parties involved has been fantastic. For the last two years, because of covid and the restrictions to travel, we organized the meetings virtually, but for winter 2022–2023, we are planning on organizing the meetings in-person in Helsinki, Finland, again! The in-person meetings will be supported by the virtual platform, that allows the Member Schools to stay connected with the applicants and meet new applicants during the application period throughout the winter.

This will be the sixth consecutive year that we will bring our committed students and our Member Schools together, to take advantage of the pre-selected interviews, full UP Student Database access, and the great opportunity to meet other interested applicants, to find perfect matches for all participants.

The year-round Marketing and Recruitment Program, highlighted by the traditional weekend in Helsinki AND the virtual platform will be a wonderful program for schools to recruit international students from Finland and other parts of Europe!

We would like to thank everyone whom we have had the pleasure to work with in the past, and
we hope to see your school as a Member of our Marketing and Recruitment Program 2023–2024!




Mikko Saarni


Timo Mäkelä


Jussi Halme

Director of Operations

Juho Illi

University Program Manager

Reeta Saarni

Head Program Specialist

Nea Sunila

Program Manager

Maiju Puiseva

Business Development Manager

Sonja Kallioniemi

Administrative Support Manager

Hanna Kohonen

Administrative Support Manager

Johanna Konttinen

International Program Coordinator (On maternity leave)

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