Why to be a Member of the Marketing and Recruitment Program 2023-2024?

Usually, we have about 100 interested students and families per year, wanting us to assist them in finding suitable opportunities to study in North America. We are committed to doing our best to bring our students and our Member Schools together to find the best possible matches for both sides.

Marketing and Promotional Assistance

We will promote the Member Schools in the meetings with the prospective students and families throughout the year. In addition, we visit local high schools and middle schools and give presentations to their students about the opportunities our Member Schools offer. During spring 2022, we have given presentations in about 40 different schools throughout the country, and we will continue that in the fall semester. We also search for and join in other educational events, exhibitions, and sports events to actively educate people about different opportunities to study at private schools abroad. Our Member Schools are on display at all these meetings and presentations. By these meetings, presentations, and our other marketing resources, such as our monthly webinars, newsletters, social media, etc., this information is made available to a few thousand prospective students across Scandinavia and other parts of Europe.

Recruitment of Prospective Students and Families

We meet with hundreds of interested students and families seeking information about different schools and opportunities abroad throughout the year. To recruit prospective students and families, we will ask our Member Schools to send us useful marketing materials such as brochures, pictures, video links, and other materials. The updated marketing materials will be used during the meetings and in our channels throughout the year, and the materials are very useful for us when educating prospective students about the different Member Schools. We will start collecting and using the materials right after a Member School has signed up for the Marketing and Recruitment Program.

Full UP Student Database Access

Our Marketing and Recruitment Program grants the Member Schools access to UP Student Database which includes students’ completed standard applications and other useful and needed information. The application materials in our database provide a comprehensive student profile with all the same information as in schools’ own admission application forms, including video introductions, transcript translations, teachers’ recommendation letters, Duolingo language test results etc. The committed students in the Database are looking forward to learning more about our Member Schools so that they can decide which schools to apply to.

”From start to finish an excellent program. The caliber of your team and the families was super.
I’m so impressed.”

– Member School 2021-2022

Assistance in Arranging Meetings with Potential Students and Families

UP Global will set up individual in-person or virtual one-to-one interview schedules for the Member Schools. Unless there are new restrictions that prevent us from organizing the meetings in-person, the meetings will be held in Helsinki, Finland on December 2nd–4th. For the Member Schools that are unable to come to Helsinki in-person, we will organize the pre-selected interviews virtually, starting in December and continuing until February through the application cycle of the schools. In recent years, there have been approximately five to seven scheduled one-to-one meetings for each school with pre-selected prospective students and their parents. After learning more about different options, these families have also pre-selected each school they are meeting with. In addition to scheduled meetings, each school will have opportunities to request additional meetings with any students in our full Database during the application cycle, giving them an opportunity to contact as many potential students as they wish. On top of that, we will continue gathering information from the interested applicants throughout the winter and spring, and connect the potential applicants with the Member Schools, in respect to the applicants’ profiles.

Open House Day

During the weekend in Helsinki in December, if there are no restrictions, we will also organize and host an Open House Day for the Member Schools and for all interested students and families, who are interested in learning more about the schools, giving the families opportunities to meet with any schools freely. The Open House Day has been a success in Helsinki, and during the fall months, we will use your marketing materials to attract interested families to come to learn more about the Member Schools. For the Member Schools that are unable to come to Helsinki in-person, our staff will present your school to interested families in Helsinki and collect their contact information so that we can connect families with Member Schools, based on the families’ interests.


No commissions or other fees will be charged by UP Global from the Member Schools except the Marketing and Recruitment Program fee!

  • Year-round active marketing and promotion of the Member Schools
  • Recruitment of prospective students and families
  • Full UP Global Student Database access including completed standard applications for students
  • One-to-one interviews with pre-selected students and their families
    • in-person on December 2nd–4th, 2022 in Helsinki AND/OR
    • virtually on our Meet Your Schools virtual platform from December 2022 to February 2023
  • Assistance in arranging meetings with other applicants in the Full Database
  • The Open House Day for the Member Schools and for all interested students and families
    • Member Schools participating the Program virtually will be presented to families by UP Global Staff
  • Opportunity to connect and meet with other potential new applicants after December 2022
  • Assistance for schools and students in the admission process and in finalizing the enrollment with committed students
  • Assistance in the summer preparations for enrolled students and schools

The Marketing and Recruitment Program Fee: 7,000 Euros,
no commissions or other fees will be charged by UP Global!

Registration information

To begin your registration, please fill out the Inquiry form. The next steps of the registration process and payment methods will be sent to you after the inquiry form has been completed. You may pay the program fee in full or in two installments. The first installment of the program fee, which will be half of the total cost, is due upon registration. The second and final installment will be invoiced when given the access to the platform.

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