Meet Our Students and Families In-Person in Helsinki or Virtually – Your choice!

Our year-round Marketing and Recruitment Program is highlighted with personal interviews with our potential students and their families. Our first ever weekend for such personal meetings took place in Helsinki in January 2018, and it was a huge success. Based on the feedback from the Member Schools, we have continued to develop the program to make it even more efficient, more productive, and more convenient for the Member Schools. Since 2020, we have limited the number of schools invited to the Program, and we will continue to do so.

The sixth consecutive year-round Marketing and Recruitment Program will be highlighted with personal meetings in Helsinki, Finland, OR with virtual meetings during the application cycle for the Member Schools that are unable to travel to Helsinki.

In-person interviews in Helsinki on December 2nd–4th, 2022

Virtual meetings for all schools, starting in December 2022
For the Member Schools that are not traveling to Helsinki, UP Global will organize the pre-selected interviews virtually, starting in December 2022. All Member Schools will be able to schedule virtual meetings with our applicants through the application cycle until February 2023. All these meetings can be held wherever you are in the world by using a secure and stable platform customized for admissions recruiting.

Whichever way you choose, UP Global will organize the promised pre-selected interviews between the Member Schools and the interested families. Before the meetings, schools will receive a personal login-information to our Student Database with completed high-quality application materials for those students who are ready to apply to different schools. In addition to that, schools will get access to an extensive range of detailed profiles of all students signed to our program, with an opportunity to request additional meetings outside the pre-selected list with whom they wish to connect and meet. UP Global will continue to upload new interested students to the Database throughout the winter and spring.

As soon as you sign up for our Marketing and Recruitment Program, you will secure your spot.
Although the international travel is no longer restricted, we are prepared to organize all meetings virtually, with a safe and secure platform designed for admissions recruitment, if needed.

Whichever way you choose, UP Global will provide all schools with equal opportunities to meet and enroll students from our market area.

”I am continuously impressed by the students I meet from UP Global. Thank you for providing us the opportunity to enrich our school community with your students” 

 – Member School 2021-2022


Registration information

We will have limited spots available for the Marketing and Recruitment Program. To begin your registration, please fill out the Inquiry form. The next steps of the registration process and payment methods will be sent to you after the inquiry form has been completed. You may pay the Program cost in full, or in installments. The first installment of the program cost, which will be half the total cost, is due upon registration.

We look forward to seeing you as a Member of UP Global Marketing and Recruitment Program 2023-2024!

Interested in participating in our Program?


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