Apple picking and salmiakki

Moi! I’m Eleonora and I have been in Finland for two months and a half. I live in a little place called Lieto Asema and go to school in Turku. The nice thing about living in a rather rural region is that we have a big garden with an apple tree, and that’s why during my first month here I ate lots of apple pie. I definitely recommend coming to Finland during the beginning of autumn since that’s the apple season. 😀

At the moment, rather than trying to learn the Finnish language as fast as possible, I’m concentrating on delving into Finnish culture, which includes eating “salmiakki” on weekends as part of the Finnish weekend-candy-tradition. This makes me feel utterly native, (although I have met many Finnish people who actually don’t like salty liquorice).

When I came here, I didn’t understand anything of what people were talking about. It has gotten a little bit better since I started my Finnish course, and while helping in the kitchen at home, I discovered that there are very few words that are similar in German and Finnish, my favourite one being “kurkku”, which means cucumber. But since the language is really difficult for me, I am not very confident that I will master it in just 10 months.

I would love to visit as many different places in Finland as possible, but from what I have seen until now, I can definitely confirm that this country is gorgeous. My current favourite place is Ruissalo, which is basically the beach of Turku. I have seen it in autumn with all the trees gleaming in red, orange, and golden and it was amazing. Now I’m waiting to see it in winter, covered in snow, though I’ll have to be patient because snow will probably only arrive in January or February. It almost knocked my wool socks off when I heard that the temperatures usually sink to twenty or thirty degrees below zero, so I’m currently doubting my skills to survive the whole winter… But I guess that’s the price I must pay for the good experiences I make here in Finland. And really, it’s worth it!

– Eleonora

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