Dancing, photography, acting…Is one of these close to your heart, or do you want to take the next step as a singer or a musician? There are wonderful opportunities for arts in the North American schools.

Arts Boarding Schools

If music or dancing is the most important thing for you, a carefully picked boarding school may be your dream-come-true. Art-focused boarding schools, where students focus more on artistic classes, are located for example in Boston and Los Angeles areas. These art subjects are dance, music, visual arts, theater, and film & media. During the studies, you will learn different points of view from not only your teachers but also from different visiting artists and art professionals. The surroundings, where all students and teachers share the same passion for arts, inspire people for new ideas and new productions!

Try a new hobby abroad

What if you have always wanted to start a new hobby, but there has never been a right place or time for it? You don’t necessarily have to be an expert at your artistic hobby, you can start learning a new one during your exchange year. Many students want to experience new sports and artistic hobbies during the year. Then your dream school might be found in Florida, New York, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, or in many provinces of Canada. After all, there are many traditional schools across the North America, where you can get inspiring and professional artistic education while taking part in a varsity sport team at the same time. If you want to pursue your artistic goals, both Boarding School and Homestay are good options.

To be or not to be? We think you know the answer!


Ballet, modern dance, jazz, street, hiphop, tap


Acting, writing, set designing

Visual arts

Drawing, painting, sculpturing, photography, pottery


Private lessons for playing and singing, jazz orchestras, band practices, choir, composing, lyrics

Film & Media

Movie production, directing, photography, commercials, editing, digital media


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