Kalle Seppänen, Texas

My name is Kalle and I am currently studying in a boarding school. This is my second year here and also my final, senior, year. I feel that my second year has been much easier than my first year due to significant improvement in my English. This year I have found a lot more time to do various interesting things outside the school as well. Our whole senior class if full of great people and it has been fun to spend a lot of time with them at school and even in downtown Austin.

Football season went very well personally although as a team we did not quite achieve what we wanted. I have received a lot of good response and compliments about my game and especially my good work ethic. There is still room for improvement in my things but by playing and training hard I keep improving. I have been very happy with the coaching and with the responsibility they have given me on and off the field.

My first year as a junior felt much harder in both, football and school. Now things are rolling along much smoother making everything even more fun and enjoyable. I have made wonderful friends here, which have helped me a great deal during my time here.

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